Event’s description

Imagine yourself experiencing four days of complete freedom, endless joy, and love. colorful adventure of music, art and culture, in front of a breathtaking landscape and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Sinai, Egypt.

It’s the second time that the oasis tribe is meeting in the desert, so pack a bag of great mood, a few smiles, and a freedom mask and take a four day trip with us into a vortex of self-exploring.

One unified tribe in a magnificent location that is all ours, an experience that was all built as a psychedelic Passover festival, and piece by piece becomes the reality. The sun above, the golden sand, the clear water, the endless mountains and amazing sound that ties it all together.

This is the time to let yourself go, to free your mind and enter other worlds that you didn’t know before.

In a mass of masks, costumes, and paint we will celebrate ourselves in the beautiful oasis.

The musical journey in this Pesach will be extraordinary, two stages that were built to take us to other dimensions.

The main stage will play mostly psytrance with touches of Zenon, progressive trance and full-on. The artists were carefully picked to take us to a rich diverse quest.

The alternative stage represents all of what psychedelic but is not racing like trance, from glitch to Psybient, from downtempo and too techno, the alternative stage will be loaded with good stuff and will send us to float between mind and space.

Oasis stages will be powered by one of the sharpest sound systems in the world – DB.

On the scenery will be in charge of a collective of artists and professionals that were hand-picked especially for this project, building you the settings from scratch, be ready to lose your mind!

The festival will take place on the 4/21-24/2019, three nights and four days of life celebration in the next Pesach holiday.

For you –

• Festival compound in the middle of the Red Sea Desert with a private beach strip about a kilometer long with swimming pool compound and spa on the beach.

Toilet and shared showers at the campsite.

Free water during all of the event.

Fruits every afternoon at the festival compound.

Yoga workshops, painting with an ultra cannon (!) And a fire performance.

A psychedelic compound built specifically for Passover, which is close to a variety of stands, artists and oriental seating areas.

Free shuttle buses to the downtown area of the festival with supermarket, pharmacy, bank, restaurants, salt cave and more.

Bars and food stand at affordable prices for every pocket in the festival compound.

For hotel guests only –

• Amazing 5-star resort on a 1.5-kilometer beach, a huge pool compound with spa, and a full area of the authentic desert landscape that will accompany us throughout the festival.

• Each room has a bathroom and shower, air conditioner, mini bar, safe, coffee corner, towels, sitting area TV and a large balcony facing the view of the Red Sea and pool area with additional seating area and sun loungers.

• Water, soft and hot drinks throughout the event, in the hotel complex and in the festival compound.

• Free local alcohol in the hotel complex.

• A diversified dining room with 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel complex.

• A snack bar of pizzas, ice creams throughout the day in the hotel complex.

• Free WIFI for the entire event in the hotel complex

• Yoga workshops, painting with ultra-cannon (!) And fire performances at the festival compound.

Important reminders

The payment option in the festival’s location is in cash and only in USD, there will be no credit card option. Do not forget to change your money to dollars at the border.

During the process of passing the border from Israel to Egypt, our crew will provide presence and clear things up for you, after the border you will see a lot of large taxis in low price range who will take you to the location.

Please don’t forget your passports!!

As a part of the Israeli border process you will have to pay a port tax of 100 NIS, and on the Egyptian border another tax of 400 Egyptian pounds (22$), be aware that this tax you can pay only in Egyptian pound so prepare to change money in the border.

After you pass the border, our crew will guide you to large taxis that will take you to the location. It’s a 15-20 minute drive from the border, and supposed to cost around 20-25 NIS per person, The same method of transportation will take the visitors back to the border at the end of the festival on 23/3/2019 already from the afternoon. On the way back there will be no tax for passing

The event is authorized by all the relevant government arms and secured in the highest form with government arms like the tourism police, intelligence, coast guard and of course our security.

The required age for the festival is 21.

In the location, you will find a reasonable alcoholic bar which you can buy alcohol from, payment in the location is only with USD!

In the last event, we reached the maximum capacity before the event, make sure you buy a ticket on time.

Please notice that you have purchased a ticket from one of our authorized sellers or website.

Ticket sales are only digital!

This coming Passover we will have an artistic psychedelic experience of four days filled with a joyous freedom of love and an uncompromising celebration. * Please note that you purchased an authorized ticket from our website or from one of our authorized ambassadors, the ticket sale is digital.



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