1. The festival opens its gates on Wednesday 3/20/19 at 15:00 till Saturday 3/23/19 at 22:00.
2. During the process of passing the border from Israel to Egypt, our crew will provide presence and clear things up for you, after the border you will see a lot of large taxis in low price range who will take you to the location.
Please don’t forget your passports!!
3. Arrival with a car to the border is optional, you will be able to find a parking near the border area, beware of fines. For those who come from Europe or any other country in the world, can arrive to any of Israel’s airports or to sharm el-sheik international airport in Egypt and take a taxi of 3 hours drive to the location.
4. As a part of the Israeli border process you will have to pay a port tax of 100 NIS, and on the Egyptian border another tax of 400 Egyptian pounds (22$), be aware that this tax you can pay only in Egyptian pound so prepare to change money in the border.
5. After you pass the border, our crew will guide you to large taxis that will take you to the location. It’s a 15-20 minute drive from the border, and supposed to cost around 20-25 NIS per person.
6. The same method of transportation will take the visitors back to the border at the end of the festival on 23/3/2019 already from the afternoon. On the way back there will be no tax for passing.
7. The payment option in the festival’s location is in cash and only in USD, there will be no credit card option. Do not forget to change your money to dollars at the border.
8. With the arrival to the hotel every room will have to leave an international credit card as a deposit for any damages may cause to the room, and passports copies of all the visitors who are staying in the room.
9. As a part of the festival ticket you can enjoy 3 diverse meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), water hot and cold beverages.
10. The hotel offers a big varied alcohol bar and a restaurant in a reasonable price. You can bring your own alcohol or buy it in the duty free shop on the border. Pay attention – you cannot enter the location of the event with any glass bottles or containers.
11. Part of the festival’s security program is to do a body and baggage checks on all of the festival visitors, please respect our crew! The following items are forbidden in the festival’s location- sharp objects, glass, gas grills, weapons and drugs of any kind.
12. Every visitor of the festival is obligated to arrive with printed tickets + an ID/passport. The tickets are digital, please print them before you come.
13. Throughout the festival there will be a cleaning crew that will keep the hotel nice and clean. Of course it’s no reason to disrespect mother earth – please keep it clean and throw your trash in the cans!
14. The festival presents love, unity and equality. Please respect one another and the location.
15. From the moment that you were given the festival bracelet it is your entry ticket – if you lose it, you will not be able to enter and enjoy the location facilities.
16. There will be two stages operating in different hours, on the main stage you will find psychedelic trance horizons, and on the alternative stage you will find much more genres of psychedelic music.

for summery, OASIS FESTIVAL is a very unique event that had been put into it a lot of creativity, hard work and whole lot of vision – For us to give you the best experience that we can. We assure you this event is to speak of in the years to come.

The location is filled with grass fields, mighty mountains and one of the most beautiful beaches on earth.
The musical journey was built for us to experience a meaningful and different journey than we are used to.

The auxiliary and sound system is with one of the highest qualities in the world, and private scenery that has never seen before!
Prepare your costumes, we are waiting for you to begin our mind expanding experience in the next purim!!


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